Spotlight Soccer por Ricardo Sanchez, Eduardo Ferrara

Spotlight Soccer por Ricardo Sanchez, Eduardo Ferrara
Titulo del libro : Spotlight Soccer
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 1, 2014
Autor : Ricardo Sanchez, Eduardo Ferrara
ISBN : 1434291820
Editor : Stone Arch Books

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Ricardo Sanchez, Eduardo Ferrara con Spotlight Soccer

More than anything else, Francodreams of going pro some day.After all, his soccer coaches say he's the best kind of player--more giving than greedy, preferring to rack up the assists instead of scoring goals. And that method works just fine until Franco has to change schools. On his new team, the Warlocks, Franco's pass-first approach to soccer just isn't working. To make matters worse, theteam is filled with ball-hogs, and their coach doesn't seem to care. Francorefuses to let his dream of going pro die, but the new team is pretty much a living nightmare..."