The Neganthropocene (Critical Climate Chaos) por Bernard Stiegler

The Neganthropocene (Critical Climate Chaos) por Bernard Stiegler
Titulo del libro : The Neganthropocene (Critical Climate Chaos)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 20, 2018
Autor : Bernard Stiegler
Número de páginas : 346
ISBN : 1785420488
Editor : Open Humanities Press

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Bernard Stiegler con The Neganthropocene (Critical Climate Chaos)

Páginas: 346 Géneros: 12:HP:Philosophy 12:JHBA:Social theory 12:JFFS:Globalization Sinopsis: Opening a major new front in discussions of the Anthropocene, The Neganthropocene is a collection of recent lectures by the leading French philosopher, Bernard Stiegler. In this volume, Stiegler engages substantially with Alfred North Whitehead, Jacques Derrida, Gilbert Simondon, Peter Sloterdijk, Karl Marx, Benjamin Bratton, and others in his renewed thought of the concepts of entropy and negentropy. Stiegler',s life-long encounter with the work of Martin Heidegger reappears here in pursuit of the question not of what is called &ldquo,thinking&rdquo, (penser) but, in a twist on old French, of what is called &ldquo,caring&rdquo, (panser) as the possibility of a new therapeutic theory and practice capable of responding to the massive psychological, social and ecological toxicity associated with what, for Stiegler, is the disruptive age of the Entropocene._,